There’s no ethical or legal reason why you can’t give the same media release to different publications.

If you ever read multiple newspapers on the same day, you’ll notice the same articles appearing multiple times.

That said, it’s not smart to give the same media release to different publications, as it reduces your chances of scoring free publicity.

The reason is that different publications have different audiences, so what interests one won’t interest the other.

Distributing a one-size-fits-all media release would be as senseless as Levi’s creating one type of jeans for the entire population – men, women, boys and girls.

So what you should do is send out media releases that are tailored to meet the different needs of the different publications.

But that doesn’t mean each media release needs to be entirely unique.

There can be substantial overlap between what you send to one publication and what you send to another. Indeed, you might need to do no more than change a few words or reorder the paragraphs.

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