Journalists are always looking for expert commentators. For example, they’ll want a doctor to comment on a medical story or a real estate agent to comment on a property story.

One way to initiate a relationship is to register with platforms like Help a Reporter Out and SourceBottle, which connect sources with journos.

Another way is to directly contact journalists and offer your services. As a journalist, this is something I’ve always welcomed, because it makes my job easier.

My advice is to tell the journos you’re always happy to give them comments, share your mobile phone number and email address, and invite them to contact you at any time.

If and when they call, you need to be able to provide good quotes in a timely fashion.

Good quotes mean clear opinions delivered in plain English.

Timely service means commenting immediately or calling back as soon as possible.

Guess what happens to sources who serve up waffle or who make it hard to interview them? They get put on the do-not-call list.

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