The media is a bit like a German shepherd dog – it can look intimidating and it can have a vicious bite, but it can also be incredibly friendly if you know how to handle it.

I love dogs – and, wouldn’t you know it, I never seem to encounter any nasty ones. Conversely, I know people who fear dogs, and, in an amazing coincidence, they seem to encounter nasty ones all the time.

When you approach a dog with warmth and confidence, the dog senses it and reciprocates. But if you’re hostile and anxious, the dog is aggressive in return.

In my experience, people who fear the media never seem to have any positive dealings with the media.

These people attack journalists’ integrity, they speak condescendingly, they give evasive answers, they make impossible demands – and then complain when they don’t receive favourable coverage!

By contrast, the people who treat the media with respect seem to get more than their fair share of favourable coverage.

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