A media release is an article that businesses, governments, community groups and individuals distribute to the media to publish.

Media outlets are then free to use this article as they please – they can ignore it, publish it verbatim, re-work it or combine parts of it with content gleaned from other sources.

Most publications will use a media release as a jumping-off point for a story, rather than publishing it verbatim. Therefore, if they’re interested in your article, it’s likely a journalist will contact your business with some follow-up questions. Here are three important rules:

  • Make sure somebody is able to promptly respond to any queries
  • Be prepared to provide clarifications and even additional information
  • Don’t get upset if the journalist wants to take the story in a different direction

Journalists are time-poor and get bombarded with media releases, so if you break any of these rules, don’t be surprised if they dump your story and move on to another one.

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