Even though businesses can benefit greatly from free media coverage, some do everything they can to avoid the limelight.

Why? It’s because they’re scared.

There are two main reasons people are scared of the media: fear of looking stupid and fear of losing control of a story.

A lot of people feel insecure around the media: they feel they’re not important enough to engage with the media or they fear making a fool of themselves in front of a journalist.

Others worry that if they bring a story to the media’s attention, journalists will twist their words or take the story in a direction they don’t want it to go.

Sometimes, though, fear has nothing to do with it; sometimes, businesses shun the media just because they can’t see the benefit of free publicity.

These businesses believe that price and service are the only things that count – so if you told them about the four benefits of free publicity, they wouldn’t believe you.

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