How to Score Free Media Coverage For Your Business

Get free publicity! This step-by-step guide explains how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I chase free media coverage?

Your business will get more exposure, more credibility, a better Google ranking and better customer relations. READ MORE.

Why do some businesses shun the media?

Either because they’re scared to engage with the media or they can’t see the value of free publicity. READ MORE.

Can every business score free media coverage?

Why would the media want to cover my business?

Every business has interesting, relevant news – even if they don’t realise it. READ MORE.

Should I be nervous about the media?

Generally, people who treat the media with respect get favourable coverage, while those who don’t get unfavourable coverage. READ MORE.

What are journalists like? Can they be trusted?

Journalists are surprisingly ordinary people – no more or less honest, no more or less intelligent. READ MORE.

How can I build relationships with journalists?

Through face-to-face meetings, phone chats, social media interactions and email exchanges. READ MORE.

What is news and how do journalists find news?

News is new information that journalists either sniff out through their sources or have delivered to them via media releases. READ MORE.

What’s a media release?

A media release is an article that businesses, governments, community groups and individuals distribute to the media to publish. READ MORE.

What should I put in my media releases?

News, commentary or both. READ MORE.

Can I send the same media release to different publications?

There’s no legal or ethical reason why you can’t, but it’s smart to tailor your media releases to meet the different needs of the different publications. READ MORE.

Why are some media releases published and others rejected?

Journalists publish media releases that contain interesting, relevant news and ignore those that contain boring, irrelevant propaganda. READ MORE.

What can I do if I don’t have the skill or time to write media releases?

Outsource the job to a freelancer. READ MORE.

What’s the secret to writing well?

Keep things simple. Avoid big words, long sentences and industry jargon. READ MORE.

How can I become an expert commentator?

Register with dedicated platforms and offer your services to journalists. READ MORE.

This practical, easy-to-read guide will tell you:

  • The benefits of free media coverage
  • Why the media wants to give you free coverage
  • Why coverage has never been easier to get
  • How to write media releases

This practical, easy-to-read guide will tell you:

  • Why you should blog
  • How to blog
  • Where to publish your blogs
  • How to grow your readership

What’s the secret to writing well?

The secret to writing well is to imagine you’re communicating with a 10-year-old. That means no big words, long sentences or industry jargon. Effective writing successfully transmits ideas from writer to reader. When a reader is left confused, it is generally the...

How can I become an expert commentator?

Journalists are always looking for expert commentators. For example, they’ll want a doctor to comment on a medical story or a real estate agent to comment on a property story. One way to initiate a relationship is to register with platforms like Help a Reporter...

In this keynote presentation, Nick Bendel explains the secrets of blogging and how to get free media coverage.

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